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From: Kaiser Serajuddin
Founder, Better Body Bootcamp

Dear friend...

Do you wish you could have more passion, more freedom, greater confidence, a better lifestyle, and a higher income?

The only way to achieve all of the above is by owning the right business. Think of the most successful person you know, and I guarantee you, they are a business owner. 
Better Body Bootcamp can be that business for you. And unlike any other business, it has the ability to unlock your full social, personal, and physical potential (in addition to your financial potential). 

We are now accepting our first round of franchisees. And to take away any possible barrier for YOU to be one of these franchisees, we are greatly streamlining the start-up costs. Get ready - you’re about to take the wildest ride of your life! 
How would you feel making As Much As Starbucks?
Our Best Location Makes Just As Much As A Starbucks Location (With MUCH Higher Profits) ...
In his book Onward, published in 2010, Howard Schultz (the founder of Starbucks) gave an honest look into his company. One juicy piece of info he revealed is how much each of his stores makes per location. The number, in case you were wondering, is around $1M/year.

That’s very impressive Howard. We’ve all seen what a great business Starbucks is, with hundreds of satisfied customers at each location. You’ve created one of the greatest retail brands in history.  

The fact that Better Body is on par with Starbucks on a per location basis should speak to the strength of our brand too. The major difference is that we’re about much more than just a product like coffee...
None of it matters unless you’re making a meaningful difference in people’s lives...
Once you achieve all of your immediate personal goals, you’ll discover an interesting fact that may be hard to believe: 

Any business, no matter how much it makes, can become a prison and a burden unless you’re doing something meaningful for others. If you’re not changing lives and doing something that matters, you’ll eventually get bored, feel unfulfilled, and start to hate your business. 

That’s the one difference between owning a Better Body Bootcamp, and any other business in the world.  

We’ve already covered the money part, because that’s the most important. If it doesn’t make money, the party stops there. But this is about way more than making money. It’s about making a difference. 

It’s about delivering an essential service that literally transforms lives for the better. I challenge you to name something more important than helping people gain strength, discipline, and confidence; while getting them sexy and helping them lose weight.

Were you able to think of something? I didn’t think so, because it doesn’t exist. If you’ve been wanting to do something that really matters in the world, you’ll never find anything better than delivering top-level fitness.

This is the right system at the right time for the right person.
Our first two BBB locations opened in only our first 6 months of business, with our third location coming shortly after that. Why didn’t we continue to open more locations right away?

It’s because we knew that we had something special that no one else in the market had discovered yet. For that reason, we knew our company would grow best and fastest through franchising. But we weren’t going to franchise our business until we were confident that we’re the best fitness franchise in America.

We’re also different. There’s no other company in fitness that brings together the same strengths that Better Body has:
  • ​Some have the same earning power, but require 5-10x more in start-up cash to open.
  • ​Others cost about the same amount to open, but are lame, low-budget brands.
  • ​Others have their marketing all wrong, and make it very hard for you to find customers.
We’ve done the hard work to create the most unique brand the market has ever seen. Leads just come in and are attracted to the brand. We have the best-in-field marketing, and also the best-in-field social media. 

Yes, I said best-in-field: I challenge you to find another mass market franchise that’s better at sales, branding, marketing, and social media. But we’re not just doing this for the 'gram: our earning power is unrivaled.

Let’s talk about money for a sec...
Here's how you can earn over $400K in yearly profit:
We’ve made it easy to open a location and get it profitable fast, while your location works without you. Do this three times (by opening three locations), and you’re on your way to over (and in some cases way over) $400K in PROFIT per year. 

We’ll give you a step-by-step blueprint to open three locations as fast as humanly possible, in maybe as little as a year.  

And even if you choose to keep it small, with only one or two locations, $200K-300K in yearly profit is well within reach. 
For a limited time, you can get a very special rate on opening your first franchise location. With the official launch of the franchise, we’re doing a few cool things:

First, we’re relaxing our franchise fee (your cost of buying in). You’ll be able to do that at a deeply discounted rate, while we help our first few franchisees become mega-successes. 

Plus we’re offering a discounted equipment pack (less than half of what this would generally cost). These two perks will be available to only the first few franchisees. 

And lastly, you’ll enjoy training and support that will be ten times greater than any future franchisee will get. With us holding your hand through your start-up, launch, and growth, your success is a certainty. 
It all starts with accessing the Better Body Business Plan:
My question for you is, are you ready to step up and learn more? Even with the discounted price, there’s still a lot of money and a change in lifestyle involved. But this is also an opportunity to discover a new world very few people get to enjoy. 

If it was easy to get in the top 1%, everyone would be there. What it takes is the ability to understand when you’ve found the right opportunity for you at the right time, and then take decisive action. 

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